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How To Step Out Of Debt, Step Into Wealth and Step Up In Business!

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Exquisite Minds is a company that specializes in teaching and training the core strategies of both business and finance to organisations and individuals around the world.

How Great Would It Feel To Be:

  • Operating In The Black,
  • Creating Stack Loads of Cash,
  • Being Streets Ahead Of All Your Competitors?

Are you ready for us to transform your business and your finances?


How do you inject more passion, drive, enthusiasm into your business as well as seeing an increase in profits and overall wealth?


There are just not enough hours in your day – how do you make more profit without working harder or longer? But you’re working as hard as you can and the profits just aren’t there. Your business knows when you’re not in love with it – its profits drop. Being a business owner can be a lonely job. Does this sound like you?


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Whether you want to get out of debt or to improve your current success, our Business and Wealth Coaches can help you light your financial fires with the different options available from Exquisite Minds. We will show you how to inject a new passion into your business, avoid financial road blocks and to step into the fast lane.


Business Coaching - Get your business fired up and rocking! Our Business Coaches are trained to look at every aspect of your business and turn it into the vibrant, wealth-producing entity you deserve to have.


Wealth Coaching - Release yourself from unhealthy financial choices and situations on a deep level through examining beliefs, values and self-talk. Be free to create the wealth and/or the business you’ve always dreamed of.


Your Coach will show you specific and tested techniques that will have your profits up where they belong! Learn to do what your competitors aren’t doing and take a giant leap ahead of them, now!


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Nothing can be achieved alone, with a powerful team behind you, your business is ready for take-off! Our Team Training Program – building a team of motivated, passionate performers – is what you need to take your business to the next level. Engage a Coach and learn how you can create new, PAYING, customers … and more profit. With your existing (and the newly-created) customers, your Coach can help you increase the value of each and every sale. We can help develop your team’s sales skills also show you how to add products/services that add to your bottom line, with little extra cost.


A re-injection of your vision and refocusing on (or recreating) your long-term goals, with enthusiastic help from your Business Coach, will have your business fired up as never before!


A Business Coach will hold you accountable, demand results, push you, cajole you, ask you the tough questions and congratulate you on a job well done. Creating opportunities is just a small part of what our Business Coaches do, but can be the most valuable.


Your Wealth Coach will help you reduce mountains of debt and create for you a practical path towards, continuing and long-term financial freedom.


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Use Our Experience


With many years practical banking, debt recovery and down-to-earth financial coaching experience, we can help you to avoid the road blocks to financial freedom and to take an effective, easy-to-follow path to continuous financial growth and empowerment.


Whether it’s a Business Coach or a Wealth Coach you need, choose from:

  1. One-on-one Business Coaching,
  2. Accountability Groups,
  3. The Boardroom Insights Club,
  4. Our Learn What The Banks Don’t Tell You! courses,
  5. Coffee with Anthony meetings … we’ll help you in whatever way is best for you.

Increasing our Net Wealth comes from our:

  • Leadership skills,
  • Management effectiveness,
  • Team’s performance,
  • Communication – inside with our team and outside with our customers, suppliers and other interested parties.

As we improve our businesses in each of these four areas in our organisations, cash is freed up, the team responds and customers ring our tills.


The strength of our team and the loyalty of our customers are reflected in our Net Wealth – not in our profit. Our Net Wealth eloquently tells us how we’re really doing and it speaks to others of our true worth – banks assess it for credit-worthiness and loans, investors for our value in the market place and staff and customers base their confidence on it.


Do you want financial and personal freedom? If not today, then when?


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Why learn the tricks of the trade when learning the trade is more valuable, lasting and satisfying?

With our teachings, you will unlock your latent potential both personally and in business, helping you to build strength of character, make more money, stay out of debt, and grow your business, Period.

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"While the future holds so many secrets, with careful planning we can shape our future to how we want to see it. I sincerely believe that the steps to taking change starts with you, our clients, be bold and take a leap of faith into a better tomorrow that you deserve because you are Exquisite, you are Timeless”