10 Effective Strategies For Closing The Deal

Anthony Wilkinson-Denny

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Too many people do all the legwork of meetings, preparation, pitches but don’t get that all-important signature. Why? Because of fear of rejection – our greatest fear.

We all want to be wanted, to be loved, to belong. When that is threatened, we’ll do almost anything to avoid it – we’ll agree when we don’t, we’ll do things we normally wouldn’t and we won’t ask for a signature or a payment when the deal’s agreed ... just in case they say “No”. So, what can you do to get your deals signed?

1 – Know what you want 

Before any sales conversation, be clear where you want to be after the conversation with your customer: 

I want to have this PR950 Lawn Growler mower sold to him for £580 and paid for today. 

I want to have Simon agreeing to start working for us by 15th April 2010, on a salary of £40,000. 

Be clear about what you want. Write it down and get as specific as possible – dates, amounts, people involved, specifications and so on.

2 – Know what you’re prepared to give up ... and not prepared to give up

You may start with the lawnmower at £580 but how badly do you want to sell it? You may offer a £20 discount, certain free accessories, free servicing for a year or nothing at all. 

If Simon says no to £40,000 – what then? Can/will you offer him £45,000, an extra week’s holiday each year, a better company car, a better medical plan ... what is your limit? 

So now you know: 

1. What you want to achieve, and
2. Where you going to draw the line and say no

3 – Know who you’re dealing with

If you don’t know, ask them – people love talking about themselves. Is this an individual, a company, a government department? What do they do? How does your product/service fit with that? 

Is this a deal-maker or someone who will take their recommendations to their boss? Knowing this, you won’t waste your time with trying to sell and get a deal – just provide him what he needs to take to his boss ... or find out how you can get to talk to the boss.

4 – Presentation

Sunglasses are not cool. Sunglasses make you look like you lack confidence (at best) and suspicious/unreliable (at worst).  

Don’t look people directly in the eye. Focus, instead, on their forehead – a subtle difference but less confronting. Smile like you mean it!

5 – Have your questions ready and don’t be afraid of silence

The best sales people are not those who talk a lot but those who listen a lot. Before your meeting, work out some simple and direct questions:  

- What are you looking for in a mower
- Are you able to sign the contract today?
- Does this fit your needs?
- Do you see the value in this product
- Can you see how this will save you money (time, etc)?
- What is stopping you from signing now?

Simple questions elicit simple answers. There is a delicate balance between being direct and being pushy – only you will know what’s appropriate at the time. However, it’s no surprise that you’re trying to sell a lawnmower or hire them so it will be no surprise when you ask your direct questions.

Ask your questions and wait for your answer. If the answer is not immediate, wait, say nothing and smile like you’ve got forever. Silence is golden!  

6 – Solutions, not your products or services 

Work together – sell a solution to the client’s needs, not your product. To do that, you need to know their needs ... 

7 – Ask, don’t sell 

Overcome their rejections with questions – “why” questions, mainly – and not sales patter. Get to know them and their needs better. 

8 – Be the Assistant Buyer  

In the Assistant Buyer sale/close, you try to put yourself on the other side of the table and help the client to buy your product rather than 'selling' them. This needs two ingredients: You need to establish trust with your client and you have to believe in your product. 

9 – Close the deal! 

Actually do it! Ask for the order, produce an order form, don’t rush anything, remain confident and make eye contact. The customer signs. The sale is made. That’s it! 

10 – Thank them for their business

Thank them for their business and explain the rest of the process/ follow up, so that they know what to expect going forward. showing them that this is a nurturing, long term relationship.

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