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Prior to founding Exquisite Minds; I had successful careers as a Financial Planning Manager, Mortgage Broker, Bank Manager and a Business Manager working with many businesses from array of industries. My 15 years of experience has lead me into many small and medium sized businesses, transforming their business models with proven strategies designed to enhance and grow their businesses.

So, if you own a business, are a practicing professional or are contemplating opening a business, Exquisite Minds Business Coaching is certainly for you. 


Your business has the potential to reach new heights and grow in quantum leaps through the implementation of proven strategies and skills, however in business, it is often the case that the skills, which got you to one point, are not the same skills which will take you to that next point. 

Therefore Learn how to: 

• Start with the end game in mind 

• Maximise all your assets, resources, relationship and contacts 

• Accelerate your growth and profits day after day 

• Transform your business into a value creator 

• Implement the four ways to grow your business system 

• Innovate and bring a greater result or advantage to your client 

• Negotiate to solve a problem 

• Optimize your business 

Now, its time to allow me to show you proven strategies for increasing steadily your stream of new clients, increasing your profits by 25% to 50% and techniques on how to grow your business month after month. 

Tell me, how much is that worth to you? 

Remember that business strategies are only potential until implemented. 

At Exquisite Minds we value, respect and nurture all our clients as this is the beginning of a life long journey where we are your trusted advisers in the area of business growth and development, assisting you in finding windfall opportunities and superior strategies to grow your business. 

We believe that our clients should profit before we profit, therefore allow us to show you ways for you and your business to profit today. 

Call Exquisite Minds Business Strategists today to discuss your requirements on:
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Anthony Wilkinson-Denny

"While the future holds so many secrets, with careful planning we can shape our future to how we want to see it. I sincerely believe that the steps to taking change starts with you, our clients, be bold and take a leap of faith into a better tomorrow that you deserve because you are Exquisite, you are Timeless”