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This powerful course covers the critical elements of leadership, creating a blueprint for success and advanced communication, all of which, will get you ahead of the competition and help you stay there.

Our cutting edge training and development program includes learning how to: 

• Improve communication to dramatically reduce costly mistakes

• Identify and build on existing strengths
• Creating conscious awareness of the specific steps required to achieve consistent results

These are the five skills you will walk away with: 

Leadership, Motivation & Loyalty
It takes great leadership skills to be able to Inspire and motivate the Individuals within your organisation to consistently produce results, which are in line with the business mission.
How do you align your staff’s goals and values with the organisation, to create great loyalty and devotion within the organisation? Learn simple yet effective strategies and tools to keep a highly motivated team.

The Art of Accountability
You know the old saying “What gets measured gets done” well, this saying is as true today as it was hundreds of years ago. Learn How having specific goals and consistently testing and operating, measuring and adjusting these goals can save you and your organisation hundreds and thousands of pounds not only monetary but also in time. These techniques and strategies, once implemented consistently will raise the bar and move you and your organisations miles apart from your competitors.

Relationship Awareness Factor
Many organisations have suffered at the hands of conflicts, which ultimately affects your bottom line. Learn the necessary skills which are being used by the top businesses to resolve differences within their organisation and maintain a working environment that is both conducive to not only succeeding in, however pleasurable to be in.

Clear Path to Growth
In business, it is a primary necessity that the leaders of an organisation have a clear corporate vision which Inspires and infiltrates all levels of the organisation from the top right down into the veins of each individual and this must be implemented from the bottom up. Learn the essential skills and strategies to give you and your organisation the clarity that is required to grow.

Discover the Top Five Strategies in the Art of Closing the Deal
Essential to every organisation is the ability to close the deal or ask for the sale, it is impossible to survive if you are not consistently asking for the business and showing the value. Why is that some individuals seem to be able to close the deal consistently and others do not? Learn how to
overcome this complex threshold of putting the deal on the table and closing. I am not talking
about manipulation or tricking the client more in the design and the approach of the sales presentation to lead the client step by step to the logical conclusion that this is the product for them as it adds value to their current situation.

This weekend workshop will open your mind to different ways to excel within your business. If you are in business and want to learn how to move your business to that next level then this course is for you! 

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